When Man Says No, God Says Yes!

Nearly 11 years ago, I was sitting in a meeting and feeling rather strange. I immediately knew I was pregnant even though I wasn’t trying. I recently stopped taking birth control after taking it for more than a decade. My husband wanted a daughter and since I wasn’t getting any younger I decided to let go and see what happens. Having children was not on the forefront of my mind, but I thought why not? If God wants this for me, it will be.

After taking 2 home pregnancy tests (which were positive), I still did not believe it. I went to my local Patient First and the doctor took a blood test and told me I was pregnant. I was excited for my husband and my family, but I wasn’t quite sure how I felt. At this point, I did not have an OB/GYM because my gynecologist had recently retired. So I began to research doctors in my area to see who would be compatible for me.

After doing research and speaking with several colleagues and friends, I decided to meet with a prominent doctor in my area who was very well respected and liked throughout the community. He was extremely pleasant, but when he did my initial ultrasound, he told me and my husband I was having an ectopic pregnancy. This meant the baby would not live because the baby was in my fallopian tubes.

On the way out of the office my husband grabbed my hand, held it tightly and said, “we are not receiving that, let’s find another doctor .” Thank God, he was with me at that moment because I was deflated and saddened by the news.

So the search was on for me to find yet another doctor and this time I went with my gut. I liked two doctors (who were partners) but one’s name was so pretty and I thought if I have a girl I will give her that name. I would spell the name differently (but I knew I was having a boy). My husband disagreed. Because of the name, I went with the other doctor. I really liked them both and did not want my doctor to think I was crazy by naming my baby after her, should it happen that way.

I met with the doctor who again was nice and she was very knowledgeable. What do you know, when she did the ultrasound, there was a baby who was not in my fallopian tubes…look at God! The doctor did tell me I had a significant amount of fibroids and one was extremely large. Because I was now pregnant, the only thing we could do was monitor them and pray for the health of my baby. So we did!

As I continued with my appointments, I learned that as the baby grew, so did the fibroids. She shared that I would more than likely have to have a c-section because the fibroids were massive and in the way of the birth canal. I was fine with that, as long as my baby (boy) was healthy.

When I hit the 4 month mark, I had a long day at work. I was on my feet all day preparing for an evening program. I felt fine. After the program, the attendees wanted to hang around and talk. I just wanted to go home and eat the delicious dinner my husband prepared.

Once I got home, I ran upstairs to use the bathroom, wash my hands and get ready to eat. Once in the bathroom, blood was everywhere. I screamed out in fear and my husband came running up. His initial look was worry, but he quickly gathered himself and said clean yourself up and were going to the emergency room and I am calling your parents.

My parents and my sister beat us to the emergency room. Once I was taken in the back and had my vitals done, my husband quickly slipped out to get some chips from the nearby vending machine. We never got to eat the dinner. At this time, this doctor who looked disconnected, came in while I was alone and told me I was having a miscarriage. I began to cry. In that moment I knew how badly I wanted to be a mom and how much I loved this baby who was already growing inside of me.

As my husband was coming back in the room at the same time as a new nurse. She wrote her name on the board and her last name was my maiden name. As she was writing, she looked me in my eye and said don’t believe the doctor, you believe in someone greater than you and besides you have not had your ultrasound, yet.

Thank God for angels. How did she know what happened? No one was in the room but me and the strange doctor. Nevertheless, she was absolutely right!

Once in the room for my ultrasound, the nurse quickly turned the monitor away from me and my husband. He walked around and began to look at the screen she was so desperately trying to hide. She would not tell us anything about the baby, only that the doctor would have to tell us what was going on.

My husband being the man that he is, said the baby’s heart is beating and looks fine. He said it was beating like it had done in all of our previous appointments, which were more frequent because of my fibroids. Like always, he was extremely confident and I believed him and again was thankful for his presence.

As I was waiting for the doctor to come in, my doctor’s partner (the one whose name I liked) was on-call. She shared the baby was fine and asked me about my day. She told me to stay off of my feet and stay out of high heels because it was too much pressure on my uterus. She really did not know what caused the massive bleeding specifically but thought it was the fibroids and the intense day I had.

I do not believe in coincidences. I believe in God. As the doctor was speaking a sudden calm came upon me and I knew I was having a healthy baby girl. Of all doctors, she was the one on-call. God has a beautiful sense of humor. I saw the same doctor (because my doctor was not in) the next morning and there was no sign that my baby was ever in distress.

Of course when it came time for me to learn the sex of my baby, she was indeed a girl as God had already shared. We set the date for my c-section but my doctor continued to share she may not make it to full term because of the fibroids. This wan’t shared in a way to frighten me, but more of a precautionary measure. But, I knew differently.

My beautiful, healthy baby girl was born the morning of my scheduled c-section. She fought the whole time. My family, friends and I prayed for her health. To this day, she still continues to amaze me. My baby is a very smart, kind and beautiful girl of whom I am extremely proud. I am so blessed to be her mom. God gave me more than I ever dreamed in my daughter. She will always be the love of my life.

Whenever someone tells me no and I know it is for me, I always remember that God can and will say YES!

Bee Love


  1. Lynelle says:

    Beautiful story and an even more beautiful baby girl!!! Congratulations to you on your strength, family, and faith!!!

  2. Lucy says:

    Thank God you BOTH made it through! She is your angel on earth! What a blessing! Love the story, love the faith and trust in God even more!
    Stay forever blessed!

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