First Steps

Taking the first step in anything is a scary process. Never in a million years would I believe I would be blogging about love, life and “first steps.” When a baby takes her first step she usually falls down and tries it again. What I wouldn’t give to have that same determination in my new endeavor.

Fear can be paralyzing, but that’s where faith and works enter the picture. Like the baby, you will never know if you can walk until you fall down and try to take another step. In time, if the baby continues to put one foot in front of the other, she will walk. I want to walk, so I can then run and later fly.

What is most impressive is the baby doesn’t know that she cannot walk. The goal is simply to get from point A to point B and in time (without giving up) she eventually does so. Today, I am the baby. I am moving from point A to point B. I am determined to let my light shine in such a way that it will help someone else.

As I take the first steps, I will not dwell on the times I fall, rather, I will quickly jump up and try again. I strongly encourage you to do the same. Set goals and earnestly work towards achieving them. Until the next post…stand up, take the first step, later walk and eventually run towards your goals; I know you can!

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In order to receive love,

Bee Love

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